The old break-and-fix support model is not practical for your practice in today’s IT dependent workflow. This old model wrongfully incentivizes the IT support company to be financially rewarded when something breaks; because that is the only time they can come and fix things and bill you more hours. You deserve a technology support partner whose is financially incentivized when things do not break.

At Nexus, our goal is to ensure that your systems are running optimally at all times. We proactively monitor and identify potential issues before they become problems. We proactively maintain your systems to ensure maximum efficiency, productivity and uptime.

We believe on becoming the primary point of contact for all of your support issues. Our clients only have “one throat to choke”, if and when something goes wrong with their IT systems.

We would like to take full ownership for all of your IT related issues, regardless of which vendor is ultimately responsible, until the reported problems are resolved. As our client, you can focus on dealing with your patients and not on different IT vendors, to remedy the problems.

Our professional IT services are offered on an all-inclusive flat-fee model that helps you eliminate unexpected and costly support fees. We will proactively manage all your IT needs and help you regain control of your IT expenditures.

IT Service programs from Nexus include service and support for your all of your IT needs, from A to Z. Combined with our HIPAA compliant Managed Hosting cloud services, we can truly provide you one-stop support that offers you the “Peace of Mind For Your IT”, which you rightfully deserve.