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March 10-12, 2014

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March 14, 2014

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April 4, 2014

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Streamlining IT Expenses

Thin Computing and Virtualization are two solutions a good MSP will use to streamline IT expenses and provide room for practice growth.

This technology offers many benefits for small to large practices.

Why Thin Computing:

Saves $ on managing, maintaining, upgrading workstations.

Simplifies software upgrades (i.e., EHR, MS Office). Typically upgrades are individually handled per workstation (inefficient, time-consuming).

Applications are centralized on Terminal Servers. Only one version per terminal server gets upgraded for all users to share (efficient).

Thin Clients can be used instead of full desktop PC’s.

  • Thin clients require very little maintenance – no hard drives or moving parts (that commonly fail on PC’s)
  • Can’t get viruses.
  • Save $ on hardware – No more rotating/upgrading aged PC ‘s & maintaining hardware warranties
  • Many existing PC’s can be thinned-down to protect your investment until they physically fail

Remote Desktop ideal for satellite offices or other remote access needs. Remote Desktop is HIPAA Compliant (Encrypted Access)

Why Virtualization:

  • Saves $ – consolidated servers – less hardware to buy, manage & maintain.
  • Flexibility to add & subtract virtual servers for growth or new solutions – can even be done remotely.
  • Enables easier performance – quickly add virtual server capacity – important for software upgrades that may need higher computing resources.
  • Test Environments – add servers to test new software releases or lab interfaces, turn off when you’re done.