The Top 4 Performance Complaints of Medical Practices:

1. Applications are Slow

A highly experienced, medically-focused Managed Services Provider (MSP) can offer CIO-level consulting, assess a practice’s current IT strategy and suggest solutions to improve performance.

An IT strategy that includes terminal services along with load balancing can often solve performance issues. It’s important to select an IT partner that has significant experience with this technology.

2. Mission Critical PC’s

Running mission critical functions of a practice on one specific computer is dangerous. If that computer fails, the task cannot be done. The objective is to have redundancy for important processes and not to rely on a particular machine.  A solution is implementing thin machines that multitask for the practice.  An IT company with expertise in thin computing can implement thin machines for redundancy and reliability.

3. Wireless Connectivity

Poor wireless connections are complaints in all areas of business, but an hour of down time in a medical practice reduces patient flow and decreases revenue. MSP’s with extensive network experience can provide a more reliable connection for medical practices.

4. Too many log-ins

Multiple log-ins make daily tasks tedious and time consuming which does not result in optimum patient flow. A kiosk solution can help minimize time lost in repeated log-ins.