Medicus IT is proud to announce a new partnership with Zix Corporation to provide secured webmail communications for our clients. Zix Corporation provides an email encryption service designed with your most important relationships in mind. The most influential companies and government organizations use the proven ZixCorp Email Encryption Service, including more than 1,200 hospitals and 1,300 financial institutions.

How it Works


Using the Medicus IT gateway in our data center, a company can send secured email communications to their customers. Each user of the company will have a modified Outlook toolbar containing a button to expressly force encryption for an outbound email.

Also, this gateway contains “rules” to evaluate all outbound emails to interpret potential security risks. These messages are automatically encrypted. There are several pre-packaged rules included with the gateway.

Secure Portal

This portal is necessary when a company using the Medicus IT gateway is sending an email to a non-secure recipient. The portal allows the customer to retrieve encrypted messages. This portal is customized to the company’s marketing and branding.

Contact Us if you would like more information on using our encrypted email system.