Users sitting at computers throughout a network have access to Windows based programs installed on a server, instead of their personal computers. The server provides a single point of installation that allows multiple users access to desktops where they can run programs, save files, and use network resources as if these resources were installed on their own PCs. It is a centralized approach for providing desktop applications to workstations/devices on a network. This IT model often delivers the productivity you need at a much lower cost, all while improving security and manageability. It is also a more ‘green’ strategy to your technology needs.

Why Thin Computing?

Imagine an environment where your business is no longer dependent upon PCs. Your PCs can stay around longer until they physically fail! No more rotating out old equipment to buy faster PCs. No more virus outbreaks. No more tool bars or unnecessary software installed by users. In essence, your PCs become thin appliances.